Basically 2015 been a year of zero blogging. Well... 4 posts or something? A little different than years past blogging-wise, but it was still a great year for our family! For that reason, I feel like I need to post my annual year-in-review.

January- Josh started yet another semester at Utah State. Listen turned TWO. Josh and I became nursery leaders in the junior nursery. (There are 3 nurseries in our ward. We taught the 18-24 month olds.)

February- Maslow received a name and a blessing in church. I chopped my hair off.

March- We visited my parents in St. George for spring break. We enjoyed the warm weather by going on hikes and spending lots of time in Grandma's unfinished yard playing in the dirt. Josh and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I turned 25 at the end of the month.

April- I chopped my hair even shorter. Josh arranged a late birthday present for me-- some beautiful family photos. Josh turned 26.

May- Josh finished up spring semester and we started in on Summer-- Josh working full time and taking evening classes. Maz and Listen started playing together more and more. 

June- We enjoyed our summer days playing in the yard, going on walks, and swinging at the park. Josh continued to work long, hot days landscaping. We went on a camping trip with Josh's parents.

July- We celebrated the Fourth of July by watching fireworks at Pine View-- our old stomping grounds as resident managers. The kids both fell asleep during the very loud show. We ventured up to Victor, Idaho for a Browning family reunion. I took the kids to a parade on pioneer day. The kids loved it despite the afternoon heat.

August- We took another vacation down to St. George. Although it was hot, it was nice to spend some time as a family before Josh had to return to school at the end of the month.

September- Listen successfully started going on the potty. Maslow got his first haircut. Josh and I attended a scholarship banquet. Listen loved going to the dentist.

October- We started off the month with our annual celebration of the anniversary of when Josh and I "met." During fall break we took advantage of a particularly warm day and visited the Hogle Zoo.  Listen and Maz spent a lot of time playing in the yard-- in the sandbox, on the slide, and drawing with chalk on the porch. We went trick-or-treating for Halloween. Maz was a dinosaur; Listen, a kitty.

November- We had our first snow of the year. Maslow turned ONE and started walking. We had a nice Thanksgiving at our house. 


December- We visited Santa, decorated the house, and ate lots of candy canes. When Josh finished all his finals, we headed down to St. George for warmer weather and to spend Christmas with my family. We spent some time hiking and playing at parks. We stayed in St. George through the end of the year and finished out the year by going to bed at 9 o'clock on New Years Eve. We value sleep.

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